Western Rim Property Services Continues to Expand Luxury Homes

Marcus D. Hiles is the man behind the successful real estate company, Western Rim Property Services, which provides beautifully designed homes for the average working family. Hiles is not your typical businessman. He understands the market and knows that high-end luxury homes are the best way to provide the growing need for great housing on a strict budget.

His revolutionary ideas for Western Rim Property Services was to actually construct all the homes, as well as find tenants and manage the properties, without having to hire expensive third party services. Part of the vision was to provide these low cost quality homes in urban areas so that they were close to good schools and businesses. Hiles does it all. To date, he has built and managed over 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations all across the greater Texas area.

Some people may assume that Hiles’ properties were handed down to him through a long line of family connections. However, Hiles built his business from the ground up. The son of an inner city minister, Hiles grew up with a strong work ethic ingrained within him and was taught that working hard and sticking with it was the best chance for success. But, before Hiles set out to conquer his empire he first received his Bachelors at Rice University in Texas and then earned his Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University in California.

After graduating from school he moved back to Texas at the age of 28 where he started Western Rim Property Services. At first, money was tight and he fully admits to sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house and having trouble paying his own staff. But Hiles’ hard work paid off because today his company has over $1 billion in total assets.

Hiles has also become a philanthropist in the Texas area and has donated to multiples causes. His largest donation was over a million dollars to fund K-12 education, as well as donating another million to fund higher education. He has given to several charities and donates to women’s groups and programs as well as children’s hospitals and art programs.

Hiles is truly a class act and visionary. His empire extends through the greater Texas area and bordering states, and what seems to be most impressive is Western Rim Properties shows no signs of slowing down, adding new properties each year.

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